World Reset Day

Come Wednesday morning, some folks will wake up with smiles, and some with frowns. I propose that we designate Wednesday, Nov. 9 as “Global Reset Day”, recognizing that after all the vitriol, nastiness and mendacity we have spewed and endured, we are still all – left/right, black/white, Christian/Jew/Muslim/atheist, straight/gay – just members of the human race, inhabiting a fragile planet spinning through the void, bound for who knows where. Better we should all share the ride in good humor. Peace!


Cowards that strut

Trump is the worst kind of coward;  the kind that struts.Trump the Chump


I wonder if there is the possibility of a class-action lawsuit against GOP senators who openly refuse to do the job that the Constitution requires of them (advise and consent on Supreme Court nominees), but still get paid full salaries & benefits. This is nothing less than a massive fraud against taxpayers. If there is a lawyer on this thread, I would love to hear why this can’t be done (i.e., immunity issues, etc.). Clearly, by announcing their intention to obstruct the Constitutional process, these cretins are playing with fire, and need to be stopped in their tracks.


The GOP and the Supreme Court Fraud

The FBI should be investigating this – NOW!  Trump’s server linked to Russian mob

Trump is radioactive to every US and European bank, all of whom have been repeatedly burned by his business failures. I think there is little doubt that Russian oligarchs (aka, Russian mob) have been propping him up financially and hoping that, if he becomes President, the economic sanctions – which cost the Russian mob billions of dollars – will be lifted. I’d wager all of these ties would be revealed in Trump’s tax returns.Trump and the Russian mob

“Nasty Woman”

Today’s post-debate headline:  “Nasty Woman” punks Putin’s puppet.  Bigly.

You used to be my hero
But now you’re just a chump
Squandering all that honor
When you kissed the ass of Trump


GOP Stonewalling on Supreme Court