“Nasty Woman”

Today’s post-debate headline:  “Nasty Woman” punks Putin’s puppet.  Bigly.

You used to be my hero
But now you’re just a chump
Squandering all that honor
When you kissed the ass of Trump


GOP Stonewalling on Supreme Court

Unctuous.  Odious.  Smarmy.  These words had nearly faded into oblivion.  Until Ted Cruz came along.

Slipping down a rabbit hole, America on Cruz control




My open letter to North Carolina Governor McCrory:

Dear Gov. McCrory

No doubt you are experiencing some anxiety at the speedy, and overwhelmingly negative response to the HB2 legislation you recently signed.  But I want to thank you and your Republican colleagues for setting a precedent that will influence my choice of locations for my new startup.  As a serial entrepreneur and dedicated secular humanist, I have long wanted to be able to reflect, in staffing my companies, my deeply-held conviction that believers in creationism – especially so-called “young-earth” creationists – lack the critical thinking skills that my company demands in order to succeed in the global economy in the 21st century.  I want candidates for my new company to confirm, in writing, that they do not believe in such magical thinking, and HB2 provides the legal context for me, and other secular humanist employers, to screen job applicants who are not up to global standards.  After all, where is it written that only Christians can have “deeply-held convictions”?  I applaud you for opening up this door.

Of course, I am being (only somewhat) facetious.  I actually believe there will one day be a case, likely in front of the Supreme Court, that follows my line of reasoning.  HB2 has opened a Pandora’s Box that I am quite sure the citizens of North Carolina will regret.

So let me leave you with a suggestion:  perhaps North Carolina could re-think HB2, and instead adopt a new state motto – “Defender of the Golden Rule”.  Much more populist, and Christian, than “Esse Quam Videri”, don’t you think?



If Ted Cruz met Jesus…

Cruz is only the most unctuous and dislikable of the religious peacocks on the right, shouting his prayers for all to hear and seeking to impose his magical thinking in the public square.  I never met Jesus, but I doubt he would consider Cruz to be a member of his flock.  Frank Bruni has captured the essence of this execrable candidate:


I Tell My Friends