No Apologies!!

I think the “Hamilton” cast should apologize for shaming Mike Pence. They should do so immediately after they, and we, hear Mr. Trump’s sincere and unequivocal apology to all the minorities he insulted, all the disabled Americans he mocked, all the women he sexually assaulted and demeaned, all the veterans (and POW’s) whose service he belittled, all the vendors he cheated in building his gold-plated empire, all the Trump wannabes he defrauded with his bogus “university”, etc., etc. We’re all waiting for that.

What ye sow, Mr. Trump, so shall ye reap.

Sessions is a pathetic little weasel of a man.  Just the kind of ass-kissing sycophant that The Donald likes to be around.  White Supremacist Weasel

I am truly fascinated by “Tweeter-in-Chief” Donald Trump’s pithy, 140 character observations about the world as he sees it, in particular the arsenal of derogatory terms he uses to “punctuate” his rants about people he doesn’t like (“losers”, “dogs”, “fat-assed”, “lyin’ Ted” and my all-time favorite – “low-energy”, about Jeb Bush, which I have to say was pitch-perfect). Trump hates the New York Times, which he always, always describes in his tweets as “failing”. The New York Times has been in business, continuously, since 1851, and has won 117 Pulitzer prizes for its reporting – more than any other news organization. In contrast, there is not a single business started by Mr. Trump that has lasted more than 10 years (casinos, “universities”, steaks, etc.), and his resumé is littered with some of the most spectacular bankruptcies in the American business pantheon. Come to think of it, none of his marriages lasted 10 years, either. Hmm.

Now, before Trump apologists/supporters blast me as a whining, libtard loser, I just want to say that I fully accept the will of the people in this recent election, and will not complain at all as your candidate, your president, leads my country – our country – into the abyss.

I had a top-secret security clearance when I served as a translator/intelligence analyst in the army (1970-74). It would be beyond astonishing and completely unwarranted to give such a clearance to Trump’s children. I am imagining how they would profit from this in managing Trump’s “blind trust”.Top Secret Security Clearance for Trump’s Kids? I don’t think so…

This report from the Wall St. Journal inspired a great idea that I have recommended to Mr. Trump’s transition team: Hire Aaron Sorkin, the creator of the “West Wing” TV series, and bring back the entire cast of the popular “fantasy” TV show. Mr. Trump would likely feel “at home” surrounded by other actors, and the public would be reassured that an experienced team is running the place. And as I write this, I realize how absurdly plausible this could be…Trump knows nothing about the Presidency

RIP Leonard Cohen

Please let some light shine through the crack, Mr. Cohen. We don’t want it to be darker…Farewell, and hallelujah!