Bundy and the Deadbeats

Ammon Bundy, the idiot spawn of Cliven Bundy, the Nevada rancher who owes his fellow taxpaying citizens $1MM in subsidized grazing fees, tried to sell his faux-patriot schtick in Oregon, and is now in the slammer along with his confederates for the illegal, armed occupation of OUR land.  I wrote this song  “The Ballad of Bundy’s Bunglers”to out them for what they are:  greedy, self-entitled cattle ranchers whose business, and lifestyle, exists only on artificial life support provided by we the people.  Rise up, plumbers, bakers, metal-benders, taxi-drivers, carpenters and cooks, and demand the same taxpayer subsidies that Bundy and his ilk have been enjoying for decades.  Or just rise up and tell them to get a real job like everybody else…

Back in the Game Again

I have been “off the blog” for some time, busy writing topical songs about idiot politicians and Wall Street investment bankers (and performing in a series of “Art of the Protest Song” shows in Oregon, California, New Jersey, etc.  I am determined to dive back into the blogosphere, especially with the elections dominating our lives this year.  I’ll be linking to songs that I and others are writing about the current state of play in politics, society, culture, environment, etc.  Here’s one about the insanity/immorality of “sanitized” warfare, using drones over Pakistan/Afghanistan/Yemen etc. piloted by people in trailers in Reno, Nevada who go home to dinner after blasting villages thousands of miles away.  The blood on the ground isn’t free:  Predator


Trump the Chump: an ode to “The Donald”

Note to Ted Cruz:  Whom the gods wish to destroy, they first make famous.  Buh-bye, Ted!

And to the Tea Party:  America’s kidney stone – painful, irritating, and essentially useless – has now passed.

There is no ignorance more intractable than faith-based ignorance. A pox on all these religious peacocks who shout their prayers for all to hear, and expect all Americans to follow them down the road to a dark, dark future.

In the case of Santorum , Gingrich, Romney et al, I for one wish we could make birth control retroactive.

The parade we need to see is of the neocons who deliberately misled the American people into a needless war that cost thousands of lives and hundreds of billions of dollars. Let’s have George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz, John Bolton, Richard Perle et al marched down Wall Street in Guantanamo jumpsuits, so that all of us can see the perpetrators of one of the greatest disasters in American history, and resolve never to let this happen again.

Pinch-minded ideologues never give up in their quest to take America back to the dark ages. Shame on Komen for caving in to them. I predict enormous loss of funding to Komen as a result.


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